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Meet our Teachers


PTE Student

Name: Ali Kermali
Age: 27
Qualifications: Masters of Teaching (UNSW)
Graduate Diploma of Arts (UOW)
Bachelor of Arts (UOW)
Experience: 4 years teaching English and Japanese
Interests: Education, Travel, Reading, Film
Place of birth: Wollongong, Australia

Name: Mohammad Hero Azad
Age: 29
Qualifications: Bachelor of Information Technology (management)
Experience: 5 years of teaching IELTS, 2 years of teaching PTE
Interests: Travel, Fishing, Cricket
Place of birth: Chittagong, Bangladesh

Student of PTE

Name: Farhan Meridha
Age: 30
Qualifications: Diploma in English Grammar, Bachelor of Business, Masters of Business
Experience: 3 years teaching English at Primary level
Interests: Teaching, Meeting new people, learning new things

Name: Shafqat Shafiq
Age: 25
Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering – University of Sydney
Experience: 3 Years teaching IELTS, 6 Months teaching PTE
Interests: IMartial arts, Travel, English education
Place of birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh