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Why study with the master?

Flexible Schedule, classes at 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM.

Access to our online PTE mock test portal FREE of charge.

Small class sizes means more time spent on correcting your mistakes.

Expert PTE certified teachers, scoring 90 in each section of PTE.

Flexible payment options.

Detailed and individualised feedback given in class.

Take home materials for self study.



Score: 90 overall, 90 speaking, 90 reading, 90 listening, 90 writing

“The online mock tests and study group helped me ace the test. Thank-you Masters!”

Marvin Nguyen

Score: 83 overall, 88 speaking, 79 reading, 87 listening, 86 writing

“Master of PTE training centre is the perfect place for helping you to achieve your migration purpose!”

Leo Le

Score: 84 overall, 82 speaking, 89 reading, 82 listening, 84 writing

“The small classes helped me get more attention from the teachers, they never gave up on me. Thank-you!”

Ali Shabaz

Score: Overall 79, 83 Speaking, 81 Reading, 81 listening and 82 writing

“If you just follow the strategies they give you and practice you can get 79+”

Choose the course

1 Week unlimited classes

$270 + GST

10 Lessons

15 hours in class

8 hours online

15+ mock tests online

Exclusive PTE practice material

1 Essay marked with detailed feedback


3 Week unlimited classes

$550 + GST

30 Lessons

45 hours in classes

8 hours online

+15 mock tests online

Exclusive PTE practice material

5 Essays marked with detailed feedback


3 Months unlimited classes

$890 + GST

Unlimited Lessons

Unlimited hours in class

+20 hours online

Unlimited make up lessons

+30 mock tests online

Exclusive PTE practice material

Unlimited Essay marking with detailed feedback


Free Trial class available

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