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What is NAATI CCL online?

First, we will know the full meaning of NAATI CCL.NAATI means National Accreditation Authority Translators and Interpreters and CCL means Credentialed Community Language.

NAATI CCL Test is based on for those seekers whose Expression of Interest is stuck by five points, extending their waiting period for Australian PR.This will increase their success rate towards visa application.The test is conducted by  NAATI authority throughout whole year.CCL test has variety of venues such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Perth.After passing the exam FIVE BONUS POINTS will be added to their profile.If you do not get enough marks in NAATI CCL you can either retake or re-mark the test.

Naati online means we are also teaching our course in online platform too which is essential to many of our students.

NAATI CCL Test How to Apply for?

* Go to NAATI website.

*Lodge online application on NAATI website.

*provide personal informations,including scanned passport copy & passport size photo.

*Confirmation email about eligibility.

*Offer of test date and making payment.

*Confirmation email of test after payment completion.

*Sit for the test.

*Test marking (Up to 8 weeks)

*Email of test result.
Here is a video you can follow to register for NAATI CCL Test-


NAATI online CCL Test Format

>>  An English speaker and a LOTE(language other than english) speaker will have two recorded dialogues which will be based on the the conversation.

>> Each dialogue has 300 words (half in English & half in LOTE).

>> Dialogue is divided into segments that won’t be more than 35 words each.

>> A chime will indicate the end of each segment.

>> At each chime the test recording will be paused by the officer

>> Interpret what is said by each speaker into the other language.

>> The testing officer will restart the recording and play the next segment only when the candidate has finished.

>> The candidate’s responses are recorded for marking.


*18-12 February 2019

*08-12 April 2019

*17-21 June 2019

*21-22 August 2019

*14-17 October 2019

*02-05 December 2019

As we can see six times the test will be held.Candidates should take preparation for CCL NAATI Test  according to the upcoming  dateline they will get.


Our NAATI Courses And Structure

Duration: 8 week course, 1-2 lessons in a week, 2 hours each class

Available in– Sydney, Lakemba, Melbourne, Online ( not recorded sessions)

Course Fee: $800 includes

  • Online portal access till success
  •  Online & offline materials
  •  1 to 1 feedback
  •  Mock Test

Languages: Hindi, BanglaUrduPunjabiNepaliTamilVietnamese 

Free Consultation Now 

NAATI Success stories of our students

Check OTHER VIDEOS and you will know how easily our students are getting better result with the help of our updated materials only we provide and assist them all the way untill passing with good score in the NAATI CCL test through our online courses.



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