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PTE: Is English The Hot Selling Skill For Oz Migration?

The answer to that question is YES! When you are planning to build a life in a new country, the basic requirement is to know it’s language. The Australian Government hence requires immigrants to be proficient in English. If you know your English, then it becomes easy for you to settle down. Interacting with natives, shop owners and employers is not awkward once you master the language.

If you are from a non-English background, chances are you don’t know where to start. But do not worry! We are here to help you with that. The first step is to learn what is the Pearson Test of English (PTE). The Pearson Test of English Academic is a test to assess the English language of non-native English speakers. Non – native English speakers includes people from Pakistan, Vietnam, India, China among other countries. The Australian Government accepts PTE Scores as an acceptable measurement of English proficiency.


Your PTE scores are recognized by multiple authorities in Australia.

  • Visas: The Australian Government recognizes PTE scores for visa applications.
  • Universities: All universities in Australia accept the PTE score for admission requirements.
  • Jobs: Many employers consider PTE scores admissible for job requirements.


There is more to PTE than just learning English. A maximum score of 90 can be achieved on the PTE exam. So if you achieve a score, which is between 65-79, you get TEN points added to your PR application. If you score 79+, then you get TWENTY points added.

Ten to twenty points on your visa application can make a huge difference. So PTE is definitely your ticket to Migration to Australia.


At Master of PTE, our target is to make sure each and every one of your score a 79+ on your PTE exam. A score of 79+ is equivalent to a band 8 on the IELTS exam. This is the minimum score that you should be aiming for.

We provide tutoring for Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Our faculty consists of Post Graduate tertiary educated professionals. Our experienced teachers are well versed with the exam techniques. With their exceptional guidance, rest assured that you can aim for the highest scores without any hesitation.

Join our coaching and score outstanding results in your exam. You are just one step away from living your dreams!

Contact us if you have any queries.


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